The depth, challenges, and diversity of the characters pulled me in immediately. A sign of a great book is that it sticks with you. Weeks after reading, I have found that to be true.  - Sharonvia Amazon

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"In any city, on any race morning, there exist both individual rituals and collective determination. Each runner, man or woman, may arrive via different paths, and their goals might vary, but today the intersection of Clark and Addison is the starting point of a shared journey for them all. Today, their journey will be long. A half-marathon is over thirteen miles long. It demands patience and perseverance more so than speed. It requires preparedness, certainly, but more importantly, it requires faith."

- With Grace Under Pressure

With Grace Under Pressure Book And Ebook

M. Rae is an author and runner.

With Grace Under Pressure is her first novel.


Printers Row Lit Fest

Chicago IL  June 6 2015

  Meet and Greet,  Book Signing, and Free Giveaways

I loved visiting with friends and fans, and meeting new ones!  Thank you for purchasing With Grace Under Pressure. I hope this realistic fiction story connects with you and brings you inspiration.

Beautiful day, beautiful event, beautiful stories shared!

About the Author

​I love to run. I love to read. I love to write.
I admire strength, persistence, love, commitment, and peace.
I need my family, my friends, my critics, and my supporters to keep me balanced, grounded, and inspired.
So I can run. And read. And write.