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With Grace Under Pressure
Conversation Starters

Thank you for reading With Grace Under Pressure.  I hope you enjoyed meeting the many characters in the novel, and have felt their struggles and triumphs as the story progressed.  I would love to talk with every one of you about the story in person, but until then, here are some questions that I found interesting to explore.  I hope you will share this conversation with your book clubs, families, and friends.  And, eventually, with me!

1.  Running serves a different purpose for each of the characters in With Grace Under Pressure.   What do you think those purposes are?  Do you think the purpose matches the character’s need?

2.  Relationships play an important role in the novel.  What obstacles do the characters face in their relationships?  What elements are consistent in healing broken relationships?  

3.  Speaking of relationships, one of the strongest relationships explored in the novel is the parent-child relationship.  Each of the women struggles to define, protect, or defend her role in different aspects of this type of relationship.  Do you see the characters as complementing, contradicting, or complicating each others’ parent-child relationships?  Which dynamics stood out to you the most?  

4.   Do you think that we, as a society or as individuals, find it easy to judge the relationships parents have with their children?  How might that be constructive?  How might it be destructive?

5.  Gracie’s stories are primarily a peek into the history of women’s running, but also reflects important turning points that enter individual lives as well.  At the end of Ch 6 we read Gracie’s thoughts as her father realizes the limits that have been placed on his daughter, as well as other women, and his role in maintaining or changing those limits.  “We all face choices in life -- some of them simple, some of them significant…”   How does this apply to other turning points in the story?   How have the historical changes affected the lives of girls and women you know today? Do you think the effects of these changes remains a significant issue?

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